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Make Your Home or Business the Star of the Neighborhood with Patriotic Decorations

Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July holidays will be here shortly. Why not make this summer's holidays truly special? Our beautiful red, white and blue USA bunting and pleated fans are all Made in America with care and pride. At Independence Bunting, we love the traditional decorations that are used to display that patriotic spirit -- flags, bunting, pleated fans and more. With these patriotic decorations, your home will indeed be the star of the neighborhood.

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Independence Bunting features U.S. Flags, Pleated Fans, Holiday Bunting, Pull Down Banners and Bows for all types of holidays. The only limitation is your imagination. With our pleated fans and decorative bunting, you are guaranteed to have a unique home. If you do not see what you want, contact us about custom orders.

Do you want the best for less? Even though we feel our products are indeed the best, they are also among the lowest prices you will find. Order now online or call us at 800-995-9129 and we will be happy to assist you. Free ground shipping via UPS to the continental United States on all orders over $90.00

Quality, Quality, Quality

  • Nylon Fabrics -- We use Solar-Max 200 denier nylon which is specifically made for outdoor use. It is highly resistant to fading from exposure from the sun, the colors will not run and will stay vibrant far longer than other materials.
  • Cotton Fabrics -- This is a heavy duty 96 x 56 poly cotton, which is much stronger than than industry standard. The colors in our patriotic decorations are specially made with an enhanced UV protection and color fastness.
  • All our bunting, flag bunting and pull downs are stitched together and hemmed with 2 rows of stitching. The Stars on the nylon items are Embroidered! They are not printed!!
  • Our U.S. Flags are also available in a variety of materials and sizes. The best of these is the two-ply polyester - the most durable and long lasting of all United States flags. This flag takes twice as long to fade from the sun as compared to industry standards; they virtually will not bleed and will resist damage due to winds.
  • Everything we sell is Made in America.