How to Decorate with St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

How to Decorate with St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day a year when everyone can be Irish. For those throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party or event, wearing green or simply sharing a pint of Guinness will not do when it comes to celebration. With a whole world of St Patrick’s Day decorations to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best way to accessorize your space for the uniquely Irish day.  The following categories will serve to help you pick the right combination of St Patrick’s Day decorations for your event, business or home.


Fun with small stuff
If you’re looking to decorate in a subtle and small way, consider looking for smaller decorations that can be set up on tables or on doorways. Small shamrock cutouts, green beads or even just a green tablecloth or two can turn any everyday space into a green celebration machine.


Waving the Green and Orange
Decorating for St Patrick’s Day means not only decking out your space in green with shamrocks and leprechauns galore, but also finding a way to show Irish pride. One of the best St Patrick’s Day decorations to subtly and professionally wave the Irish green and orange is a St Patrick’s Day pleated fan or pull-down flag. These flags can be displayed on tables or buffets, behind podiums, or on a stage, if you’re hosting a bigger production. They’re the perfect durable solution for businesses that want to show their Irish pride without appearing gaudy or having to buy shamrock cutouts time and time again.


Green, green, green
One of the easiest ways to decorate for this Irish holiday is to go for the green theme. Green is the color on everyone’s mind on March 17th, and when anyone sees verdant decorations, they will know exactly what they mean. Consider dying small foods like cookies or drinks, as well as changing tablecloths, curtains or even applying green paint to windows and entryways.


Don’t forget about Ireland!
Nowadays (and particularly in America), St Patrick’s Day is more about celebrating Irish history and one’s Irish heritage than it is about celebrating St. Patrick. To keep up this tradition, consider displaying maps and pictures of Ireland. Celtic symbols, Irish music and even Irish history placards can add just the right amount of history and culture to your St Patrick’s Day party atmosphere.