Where and How to Hang Your Outdoor American Flag

Displaying an outdoor American flag is a fantastic way to express your patriotism.  There are a few rules you need to know first, however.  These are the official rules for flying the Stars and Stripes: 

  • It is acceptable to fly the flag from a vehicle, provided that you either attach it to the antenna or clamp the flagstaff to the right fender.  However, it is never to be laid across the auto.

  • When hanging it from a building, either attach it to a staff or from a rope with the star panel facing away from the structure.

  • The flag can be suspended over a street, but, as with hanging it from a building, the position of the star panel is important.  If the street runs north to south the panel should face towards the east.  However, if the street runs east to west, the panel should be oriented towards the north.

  • When hung from a pole, the flag must be above any others on the same pole.  If there are multiple poles in a row side by side, and if each has a different flag flying from it, then the outdoor American flag should be level with the others.  Also, it should be raised first and lowered last.

  • If hung from a window, the flag is properly displayed vertically, not horizontally.  Someone looking from the street should see the star panel to the left from their perspective.

  • The flag should be flown at half-mast only during a time of mourning for a prominent person.  The flag should first be raised to the top of the pole, and then gradually lowered to the middle position.  The president, governor of your state, or other official will announce when it should be so displayed.

  • The flag should never be hung upside down, unless it is to call for help during a dire emergency.

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