How to Hang Pleated Fans from a Window

How to Hang Pleated Fans from a Window

Pleated fans are a great way to show your love of country, observe a special day, or just add to the looks of your home. Here are some instructions for how to hang one from a window.

First, you’ll need a measuring tape and a marking pencil. Get the distance between the grommets first.Then you’ll need to measure the windowsill’s length and mark its central point with the pencil. While holding the fan beneath the windowsill, line the middle grommet up with the center mark you made on the sill. Then make marks for the three grommet holes.

Drill the correct sized holes for the type of fasteners you’ll use to suspend the fan. The kind of fasteners you use will depend on the construction of your home. Wooden anchor hooks will do fine for a wood house.Vinyl and brick homes will use different types of fasteners. If in doubt about the correct ones to use, talk to the staff at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Screw the fasteners into the drilled holes by hand. Avoid using a drill or power screwdriver for the fasteners, as these can damage your home if too much force is used. Make certain that all three are level, and the two on the ends are equal distances from the one in the center.

Go ahead and slip the grommets over the fasteners, then step back and see how the display looks. If you live in a windy area, you might want to use double-sided tape on the side facing your home, just to make sure that the fan doesn’t blow off or become unkempt.

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