United States Flag Etiquette: Proper Folding

United States Flag Etiquette: Proper Folding
The United States Flag is far more than just a decoration. Itís a symbol of all that America stands for. As such, there is proper United States flag etiquette that should be learned. Here at Independence Bunting, we believe that with all of our hearts. So weíre glad to share with the visitors to our site the proper method for folding the Stars and Stripes:

1. Begin by holding it at waist level, along with a helper, so that itís parallel to the earth.
2. Fold the stripe sectionís lower half over the star field lengthwise. Hold both top and bottom edges snugly.
3. Now fold it lengthwise once more. Make sure the blue star field is on the outside.
4. Bring the striped corner of the folded edge over, meeting the top edge of the flag. When this is done correctly, you will have made a triangular fold.
5. Now form another triangle by turning the outer edge inside and parallel to the open one.
6. Continuing folding in triangles. When finished you should only see a portion of the blue star field. The flag may then be properly stored until itís time once again to raise it.

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