The Story of Saint Patricks Day and Why You Need St Patricks Day Decorations

The Story of Saint Patrick's Day and Why You Need St Patrick's Day Decorations

Saint Patricks Day is a high time of the year for those of Irish descent, as well as those with an interest in all things Celtic. Many have come to celebrate with St Patricks Day decorations. Named after Saint Patrick (387-461 AD), the patron of Ireland, it has changed over time from being purely a religious occasion to a celebration of Irish culture and heritage.
Saint Patrick was captured as a teen by Irish pirates and, for a time, was forced to work for them as a slave. He soon escaped and made his way back to Britain, the place of his birth. Later in life, he returned to Ireland, and spent 30 years ministering to them in various ways. Legends say that he cured the sick on occasion and even drove all the snakes off the island, after they endangered the potato crop.
Patrick eventually became a hero to the Irish people, and in modern times, the day named in his honor is a public holiday in Ireland, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Montserrat. However, even in the United States, the day is extremely popular, and a number of symbols have become associated with it. These include:
  • The shamrock, which has a dual meaning. It was used by Patrick as a way to teach the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, but also symbolizes the return of spring, as it’s one of the first green plants to appear at the end of winter.
  • The color green, which originally symbolized the shamrock, but over time became an emblem of Irish cultural pride. The phrase “the wearing of the green” refers to wearing a shamrock on one’s clothing.
  • The potato, which is a staple part of the traditional Irish diet, has become associated with Saint Patrick’s Day over the centuries as well.
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