Interesting Facts About Ireland, St Patricks Day, and St Patricks Day Decorating Ideas

Interesting facts about Ireland and St. Patrick's Day
While you’re getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day and maybe looking for some St Patrick's Day decorating ideas, here are some interesting things to know, about both the day and the nation of Ireland:
  • Up until June of 2010, Irish hospitals had a novel way of encouraging citizens to donate blood. Everyone who gave a pint received a pint in return – of beer, that is.
  • Davy Crockett, known as the “king of the wild frontier,” had strong Irish roots. His ancestors hailed from the northern part of the island.
  • The name “John Murphy” is exceedingly popular in Dublin, as shown by census results that show thousands of men with that name living in the city.
  • Dan Donnelly was an acclaimed boxer in 19th-century Ireland. In fact, he was so renowned that, after his death, his right arm was embalmed and kept as a monument to his fighting prowess. It 2006, it went on a world tour, being displayed in cities such as Boston, New York, Dublin, and Belfast. Today, it’s part of a museum exhibit that celebrates the fighting spirit of Celtic warriors.
  • Being a mail carrier in Ireland must be frustrating. The nation has no zip codes and very few house numbers. For example, “John Murphy, Shamrock Lane, Ireland” might be all the address a package has on it. Yet somehow the postal system works anyway.
  • While Patrick is honored as the patron saint of Ireland, regular annual events to remember him didn’t begin until the 1700s, over 1,000 years after his death.
  • Today, Saint Patrick's Day is universally associated with the color green. In the early days of its history, however, blue was the shade used to represent it.
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