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6/20/2013 FAN-RWSWR 5 Stripe Pleated Fan 5 Makawao, HI United States Great quality. So happy to finally be able to buy US products! Fast shipping!
6/19/2013 Fan-RWB Very happy! 5 Cherryfield, ME United States Hi,
I am very happy with the product and the delivery time. I will use this company again.
6/19/2013 FAN-RWSWR Thanks 5 HONEA PATH, SC United States Looks great!!!!
6/19/2013 Bow-Star_RW Thanks 5 HONEA PATH, SC United States Looks great!!!!
6/17/2013 Flag-2x2Cotton American Flags 5 Long Island City, NY United States Not your ordinary American Flag, very nice product and made in USA
6/15/2013 Fan-RWB Perfect 5 Bristol, CT United States This bunting came exactly as advertised.  It's just what I was looking for and I think it will last a long time.
6/14/2013 FAN-RWSWR Beautiful Patriotism!! 5 Rockwood, TN United States Nice quality, outdoor flag weight polyester material.  Well made.  Secure grommets and stitching.  Saturated colors.  Should last for many outings.  Using a center 6ft. and 4ft. on either side hanging from the gutter.  Fast shipping.
6/14/2013 FAN-RWSWR Great service 5 Charlestown, MA United States We do a lot of shopping on line like most company's you guys do it well. But your company is the first to ever call me to inform me that you could ship my purchase to me cheaper if i would allow them to change the shipping method. It only saved me a couple of dollars but the fact that you took the time to call and explain it to me speaks loudly about your company. Thank you. 
6/12/2013 FAN-RWSWR fan construction 3 wadsworth, OH United States I was surprised at the way the fans were constructed, The photo did not show the way the fans were gathered with a grommet in the center below the top tape. The effect is not smooth or flat when they are hung.
6/11/2013 FAN-RWSWR 5 Stripe pleated fan - Red/White/Stars/ White/Red  5 North Bend, OR United States The quality is exceptional.  Flag day is Friday, gotta get them up on the porch.
6/11/2013 FAN-RWSWR Bunting review 5 Charleston, MS United States I am very pleased with my bunting.  It seems to be of very good quality.  I would order again from this company.
6/10/2013 Fan-RWR BUntings 5 Souris, MB Canada Good price good service  Good quality
6/10/2013 FAN-RWSWR Patriotic Bunting 5 Kailua, HI United States Arrived quick and looks great and high quality.  I look forward to using it on the 4th of July!
6/9/2013 Custom-Pleated-fan 1888 Victorian Cottage Bunting 5 Redlands, CA United States I ordered custom bunting for my 1888 Heritage Victorian Cottage and it is beautiful.  Very well made according to my dimensions. Material and collors are excellent quality and I'm sure will last many years.
6/8/2013 FAN-RWSWR Fan Flag 5 Clifton, NJ United States My fan flag is beautiful set it up on my balcony and you can see from far away I love it can't wait for flag day.
6/7/2013 Flag-Sets 3' x 5' American Flag 5 Colville, WA United States This flag is lighter material, but well constructed. The convenient pole and bracket are included - nothing else is needed. We are so very proud to be able to daily display an American flag not made in China, and with NO yellow border!
6/7/2013 FAN-RWSWR 3' Bunting 5 Colville, WA United States The buntings are very well made, vibrant in color, and heavy in construction. When hanging, allow for VERY slight expansion when rain soaked. They return to original size whed dried. NO complaints. Thank God for the few products still made in this country!
6/5/2013 FAN-RWSWR Beautiful and patriotic!  5 College Station, TX United States High quality heavy fabric with vibrant colors!  Quick delivery.  Very pleased! 
6/5/2013 FAN-RWSWR Loved the buntings we purchased. 5 Smithfield, RI United States We purchased these to replace buntings we had that were faded. They were cotton. They only lasted two seasons. Our new buntings are quality made with brilliant colors. They appear they will last much longer. Time will tell but we purchased the nylon fabric which have a guarantee not to fade. Very fast delivery too. Very pleased.
6/3/2013 Fan-BPB 3 Stripe Pleated Fan 5 Lumberton, NJ United States Good quality and workmanship. Fan proven to withstand wind and weather.  
5/31/2013 Bunting-RWB bunting 5 Woodbury Heights, NJ United States Speedy delivery, quality product. Can't wait to swag on my front porch.
5/31/2013 FAN-RWSWR Great quality-Fast service 5 Annapolis, MD United States This was my 2nd time ordering.  The quality is
excellent and delivery fast. It was important to me that products are made in the USA!
Someone walking past our house admired our flag and bunting and we were glad to tell him about your company.
5/31/2013 FAN-RWSWR 5 stripe pleated fan red/white/stars/white/red 5 Cape Coral, FL United States the 5 stripe pleated nylon fan was sent as a gift for mom and she really liked it.I ordered 2 pleated fans .  My mom immediately hung the fans on her front porch railings. She was really happy with the items. One problem----she received the packing slip showing the prices.  Oh well.
5/31/2013 Bow-RWB_Star red/white/blue bow with star tail 5 Cape Coral, FL United States the red/white/blue bow with star tail was sent as a gift for my mom and she liked it. I ordered six of the bows.  One problem---- she received the packing slip showing the prices.  Oh well.
5/30/2013 Banner-Flag-Poly-Cotton The American flag I ordered 5 Hamilton, NJ United States I am very pleased with the flag; material is good quality and the fact that it's made in USA is important to me.
5/29/2013 FAN-RWSWR Love it! 5 Carlisle, PA United States Love the new bunting. Beautifully pleated and vibrant colors! 
5/29/2013 FAN-RWSWR They Look Great 5 Pittsburgh, PA United States Very fast delivery and they look great!  
5/29/2013 FAN-RWSWR New England Carousel Museum 5 Bristol, CT United States The Carousel Museum decorated our three porches and the gazebo on the front property of the Museum.  The place looks great.
5/29/2013 Fan-RWBWR New England Carousel Museum 5 Bristol, CT United States The New England Carousel Museum looks beautiful displaying your product. The Director's Collaborative in Bristol, CT launched a new project entitled Bristol Shows Its Colors and all of the Museums in town decorated for Memorial Day.
5/28/2013 FAN-RWSWR Bunting 5 Seward, NE United States Excellent quality and great packaging.
5/28/2013 Bow-RWB  ribbons 5 Seward, NE United States Excellent quality and great packaging.
5/28/2013 FAN-RWSWR Great Experience 5 Highland, NY United States Nice job, nice product and PLEASE keep production in the United States, that is the reason for my purchase.
5/28/2013 Pull-RWSWR Excellent Quality 5 Yucaipa, CA United States Love the pull downs.  I ordered 3 for my home, and my home looks gorgeous.  They will stay up from Memorial Day all the way to July 4th!

Thank you!
5/28/2013 FAN-RWSWR Pleated Fan 4 Moravia, NY United States The product craftsmanship is very, very good.  However the end result was compromised by the shipping methodology.  Last time I purchased these fans they came shipped in a box that permitted them to remain at full length.  This time the fans arrived in a box that required them to be folded in half.  While this effort in itself did not harm the fans, two of the six fans I ordered were packed in such a manner that the pleats were folded incorrectly and the fans will not hang as they should.  I will consider finding a different supplier for my next order.  Sorry.  Good product; poor handling.
5/24/2013 Custom-Pleated-fan Thanks for your amazing buntings 5 Chicago, IL United States I run the commencement ceremony for the high school where I work.This was a banner year for out school and I wanted bunting to decorate our auditorium. The bunting I ordered from Independence Bunting was beautiful.  They were incredibly helpful when I called. 
5/23/2013 FAN-RWSWR 5 striped pleated fan 5 Waterloo, IA United States Great product. Just what I wanted, good quality.
5/23/2013 FAN-RWSWR Perfect 5 Washington Boro, PA United States I ordered these buntings after doing a thorough search on the web. I made a call to ask a few questions. The person who answered was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the product and the service. I would definitely order from this company again.
5/23/2013 Fan-RWBWR Excellent Service 5 West Union, WV United States This is a great site. It was very easy to find what i was looking for and you had the best prices. After i order and received the notice that it had shipped, i received the order in 2 days. I will order again. Thank you.
5/23/2013 FAN-RWSWR Good and Not so Good 3 KINGSFORD, MI United States Tough looking material nice bright colors, the top seam where the minature grommets are is disappointing. I have concern that with only 3/8"  of material and very very small grommets that it will tear out in the wind. Well we shall see, hope the colors don't fade.
5/23/2013 FAN-RWSWR 5 SrtipePleated Fan Red/White/Stars/White/Red 5 Richboro, PA United States Product received is of a high quality and was shipped very quickly.  Would purchase from this company again.
5/22/2013 FAN-RWSWR Awesome! 5 Naperville, IL United States Can't get any better service or product than from Independence Bunting!  Thank you!
5/22/2013 Fan-RWBWR Beautiful, patriotic and American made! 5 El Cerrito, CA United States Bought bunting from Independence Bunting for 4th of July display.  Shipment was fast and the bunting is absolutely beautiful, well-made and I'm thrilled!  Now I can't wait to display it. Will purchase again.
5/15/2013 FAN-RWSWR Pleated Fans 5 Honeoye Falls, NY United States The pleated fans I purchased are of very high quality. However, I had to be determined to buy American Made to justify the premium cost.

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