Police and Firefighters’ Flags

Police and Firefighters’ Flags

Independence Bunting not only provides a wide range of holiday flags and buntings but also provides nearly a dozen different Police Flags, Firefighter Flags, and Emergency Medical Services Flags. These flags, unlike festive flags, are both practical and decorative. They are used to either commemorate a special occasion or honor services that are provided. Every person who makes sacrifices and puts the well-being and safety of others before themselves should be honored in every way possible. Here are some options of flags for you to honor these heroes with.

Police Mourning Flags
Independence Bunting offers Police Flags to commemorate the loss of an officer and express condolences to the family and friends of a fallen police officer. There are two designs, both in the traditional mourning colors, both appropriate commemoration ceremonies. The emblem in the center of the flag states “in memoriam” with a police badge to honor the service that every police officer provides in order to uphold their duty to protect and serve.

Firefighters’ Flags
There are five different Firefighter Flags to choose from, all of which honor the firefighters that put their life in harm’s way to save others. Three of these are plain red with the standard fire department symbol in the center. There is also a Fire Rescue Flag that is white with the fire rescue symbol in the center. The Fireman Remembrance Flag is in red and black with the fire department symbol in the center to commemorate the heroes that lost their lives saving others.

Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Service Flags honor those who help save lives with their dedication and knowledge of medicine. One flag proudly displays the Star of Life, the classic symbol for emergency medical services. The other flag displays the EMT emblem in the center.

While all of these flags are made in the same size and using the same material, Independence Bunting can also customize decorations and flags as need be. While each one of these flags is unique, they all serve the common purpose of giving honor and respect to those who serve the community. All flags are high quality with a reasonable price, and all flags are shipped in a timely and cost efficient manner.