Bunting Editor

Below, you can upload an image of your house or any location you'd like to place our pleated fans, pull down, or bunting. Just drag and drop the product you'd like to see onto the image you upload. You can then grab a corner of the product to resize. Have fun!

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Bunting Editor

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  • Upload your image by clicking on "Choose File" button. Select any image from your computer.
    • NOTE: If the image is too small, too big, or rotated incorrectly, please use the tools at the top right. These allow you to rotate or zoom in and out of the image you chose
  • Select the product you would like to insert on the image. Products are listed in folders according to the theme you'd like to decorate for. For example, you can click "4th of July" to see patriotic decorations.
  • Drag and drop the thumbnails of the products you would like to see on the background image you've uploaded.
    • NOTE: You can increase or decrease the size of any product you've dropped onto the background image by clicking and dragging the bottom right of that product.
  • Click the "Remove all" button to remove all products that you input onto the design.
- For pull down and bunting, if you would like to see what different lengths will look like, please drag and drop additional lengths of the pull down or bunting from the folders in step 2 to the background image.
- If you want to change the background image, simply select a new file with the "Choose File" button.
- To print the image, please click "File > Print" in your web browser.