Spruce Up Your Political Rally With Patriotic Bunting
Patriotic decorations are a must for the campaign trail. Here's how to choose the right ones.

November is quickly approaching, and everybody has politics on their mind. Rallies and political events are being held in practically every city across the country. Whether you are running for an office yourself, have to set up for a large event, or simply want to publicly back a candidate, bunting for political events is an elegant yet festive way to decorate rallies, homes and even campaign field offices. Independence Bunting provides an excellent selection of patriotic decorations, and we recommend bunting as the cornerstone of any American political rally or event. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your political decorations are on point.

Choose Quality Materials

When it comes to materials, choose them based on where you want to hang your bunting. Solar-Max 200 denier nylon is a material made specifically for bunting that will hang outdoors for long periods of time, so it is fade- and weather-resistant. Heavy-duty cotton offers enhanced UV protection so you can move it from rally to rally and use it in the sun multiple days in a row. No matter which material you choose, look for items with double stitching to ensure they do not easily fall apart.

Choose The Right Design & Size For The Event

Buying pre-made products is the easiest and most affordable way to purchase political bunting if you are on a time crunch or a budget. Independence Bunting regularly sells a large variety of holiday products for the 4th of July, and we find these can easily be purposed for a political rally as well. Go basic with solid red, white and blue, or choose products with stars on them for a bit of extra flair. Standard bunting is usually available in 18Ē x 36Ē pieces and is sold by the yard. Pleated fans, also known as flag bunting, can also be used to create a focal point. For example, you can hang them above the stage where VIPs may be speaking. Itís a great way to frame any photos that may be taken at the event. If you choose Independence Bunting products, our poly-cotton blend makes it easy to use the bunting over and over, year after year. And of course, be sure to measure the area youíre decorating so you donít buy too little for the space.

Customized Bunting

If you are backing a specific candidate, or if you are running for office and have your own logo or color scheme, you can purchase custom bunting to specifically match your campaign. Customized options are available for indoor or outdoor use and can be made in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Independence Bunting can help you to decide the best design, and we will fabricate and ship the products to you quickly, so even if your event is coming up, you can customize it for you.

Choose Made In America

Of course, you want to choose products made in America. Not only does it show you are serious about your patriotism, it also helps our economy. Everything that we sell at Independence Bunting is made in the United States of America, so you can be sure youíre contributing to keeping hard-working Americans employed.

Complementary Decorations

If you are planning an outdoor event, complement your bunting with flags, bows, and any other patriotic decorations you can think of. We have a lot of options in our store. Are you decorating a campaign office? Include a countdown to Election Day, a wall of fame for volunteers, inspirational quotes, and maps of the polling area.

The most important part of any political event is the message behind it, and adding some appropriate patriotic decorations will help to underline that message, while also boosting excitement and inspiration. Independence Bunting has a wide array of these decorations including high quality bunting and pleated fans to meet your political eventís needs.