Fun and Crafty Thanksgiving Projects to Do With Kids

Halloween has just wrapped up, and with Christmas tunes already echoing throughout shopping malls, before you know you'll be unpacking those beautiful bows, buntings, and baubles to deck the halls of your home. But there's one more holiday pit stop on the road to the season of giving — one food lovers everywhere are especially grateful for: Thanksgiving.

5 Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler, and you know what that means: it's almost Halloween! Some people go all out for this spooky holiday, from putting inflatables in the yard, to hanging decorations from Independence Bunting.

Not All Halloween Decorations Have To Be Scary!

Gone is the time when Halloween decorations consisted of a single carved pumpkin set alight with a small candle. These days, it may seem as if your neighbors are engaged in a competition to create the scariest display. If you like the holiday but dont embrace the gore factor, you are not alone.

The Truth Behind America's Labor Day Date

Since 1894, Americans have proudly recognized the efforts of the working class and the continued commitment to an eight-hour workday. Every year on the first Monday of September banks, government buildings, and businesses close in observance of Labor Day. But have you ever wondered why the U.S. celebrates Labor Day then, while virtually every other country observes International Workers' Day (AKA May Day) on May 1st? Did you even know May Day was a thing?

A Deeper Look Into the Red, White, and Blue

She's synonymous with the homefront: Old Glory, the American flag herself. Every day she waves proudly atop out buildings and houses across the nation - a sight so commonplace, we often forget she's there. But, she deserves to be noticed - not just in the physical sense, but in the sense of all that she stands for, and all that she means.

3 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July on a Budget

With Independence Day falling in the middle of the week, some people are not traveling or having a big celebration this year. If you are unable to incorporate your July 4th festivities into a vacation, you may be interested in ways to honor the occasion without breaking the bank. From decorations such as 4th of July bunting and banners to outdoor parties with friends and family, you can create inexpensive memories to honor the birth of this nation. 

Four Ways To Celebrate A Firework-Free 4th of July

As we barrel through spring towards the start of summer, that can mean only one thing: Independence Day is just around the corner. Perhaps you've already made your annual trip to the attic to shake the dust off your 4th of July bunting, and you're about to evict the family of mice who took up residence in your grill. Short of sorting out something tasty to eat, all you should have left on your list is the entertainment.

The Important Difference Between Veterans Day & Memorial Day

Each year Americans take time to remember and honor those who have served in the United States Armed Services. The two holidays most commonly celebrated are Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and while each holiday is officially recognized, and while at first glance they both seem to share a common purpose, they are not without their dissimilarities. Let's take a deeper look!

The Easter Egg of Easter Eggs: What is their role in the Easter holiday?

Easter eggs are a cornerstone of many Easter celebrations, but have you ever wondered where those traditions come from? Independence Bunting sheds some light on the familiar Easter egg and its celebrated origins.

5 Easter Traditions From Around the World

Though Christmas is widely recognized, celebrated, and most definitely a season, it is Easter that is the most important spiritual holiday for Christians across the world. While Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason Christians celebrate Easter stems from the core of their faith.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Leprechauns

St. Patrick's Day isn't complete without leprechauns, those folkloric little men we think of as making mischief and hoarding their gold. As with many holidays, traditions, and related stories, there are a lot of details that tend to get lost through the years. Sit back and take a read with Independence Bunting to learn a few new facts about these mythical creatures.

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions for 2018!

At the cusp of the new year, it's tradition to start making goals for the next year. Reflecting back on this year's goals, can you say youve accomplished most of them? Or were they pushed aside early on and forgotten about for the remainder of the year? This is a good time to reflect on the kinds of goals you are making and your expectations for its end result. Independence Bunting is here to help you set goals for a successful 2018!

What Do People Around the World Eat for Christmas Dinner?

The Christmas holiday is filled with traditions, from decorating the house and Christmas tree in festive and cozy cheer to leaving cookies and milk out for Santa, theres so many things we look forward to each year to complete the Christmas holiday. One thing many of us look forward to around the holidays are the feasts, goodies, and treats that abound in celebration of Christmas and the season of giving.

Christmas Tree-Decorating Basics

A beautiful tree helps set the perfect mood as a rooms majestic focal point to celebrate Christmas during the holiday season. Whether you prefer an elegant, designer tree or have a more modest taste, you can add some creative details to make sure your tree is festive and fun.

Safety Tips for a Fun-Filled Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner! This haunting holiday can be one of the most festive and fun times of the year. People of all ages can dress up in their favorite costumes, go trick-or-treating in neighborhoods, businesses, or theme parks decked out in those familiar orange and black colors, often with accents of purple, green, or an eerie red.  

Traditions of Labor Day
Labor Day is fast approaching, often associated with the end of summer for many living by the traditional school schedule. While Labor Day weekend is generally observed as a seasonal farewell to summer freedom, les not forget the original meaning of this national holiday - to celebrate the social and economic achievements of hard-working Americans who contribute to the economy.

How Other Countries Celebrate Their Independence Days
While we celebrate our nation' independence at this time, it's interesting to find out about other countries' independence origins as well. At Independence Bunting, we pride ourselves on learning about other cultures, both how unique they are but also the similarities. 

4th of July: Not So Trivial Pursuit

As Americans, we proudly gather each 4th of July to celebrate our countrys hard-fought independence. Traditionally, the 4th is honored with fireworks, barbeques, and of course plenty of red, white, and blue decorations to show your pride. This year at Independence Bunting, we want to help honor those that gave us our freedom with a special article about the important history and trivia you may not know surrounds this holiday.

While the Grand Ol' Flag is a revered symbol of our nation, there is no specific or set standard for the material with which it's made. The exception to this is when flags are made specifically for the government. Flags are created with ranging variation in quality and durability due to differences in material and manufacturing.

The Best 4th of July Parades in the USA

If you think back on the best 4th of July celebrations youve attended, its likely that the more memorable parades are brilliantly decorated in red, white, and blue. Whether its the Grand Ol Flag gently blowing in the wind or streamers, banners, and even bunting, towns and individuals all over the country love to celebrate their pride in our nation with unique holiday decorations.

Military Flags and the Meaning of Their Emblems

Expressing pride in our country is commonly seen as displaying the American flag. Most understand that the stripes on the flag honor the history that built our nation; 13 stripes for the original 13 colonies. The 50 stars represent the 50 states that stand in unity today. The symbolism on our flag celebrates our nations accomplishments by acknowledging the past.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions Are For Everyone

In its country of origin, St. Patricks Day is traditionally a more solemn event that honors the Roman Catholic patron saint on March 17th, the date of his passing. In the Catholic church, as well as the Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutheran churches, the holiday also commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Holiday decor plays a huge part in setting the mood for the celebration. Consider how many parties or events you have attended with those iconic fans or triangles of decorative, brightly colored cloths strung along banners, window ledges, and tables.

Many of us love to ring in the New Year with fun and festive parties, and lots of traditions to help us count down to midnight. However, a lot of us dont realize these traditions have a rich history in our culture and many others as well! Independence Bunting shares the background of some of the popular traditions observed.

Celebrating Christmas with lush red and green bunting from producers like Independence Bunting is more exciting and fulfilling when you understand the history and origins of some Christmas traditions across the globe.

Halloween Decorations and Costumes Through the Ages

Year after year, we enjoy our fun and even scary traditions, but have you ever stopped to consider how Halloween became synonymous with Jack-O-Lanterns, skeletons, and creepy costumes?

Which Ghosts Will Our Next President Get to Know?
This fall promises to be a busy season with our nation voting for our next president. Ghost stories or haunting tales are also a big part of Halloween. This year, Independence Bunting shares some famous presidential and other White House hauntings.

Top 4th of July Travel Destinations
The Fourth of July is the most important patriotic holiday for the United States of America. If you don't want to spend your holiday at home, take a look at these top vacation spots recommended by Independence Bunting.

Memorial Day: Remembering the Passed

Learn what makes Memorial Day so important for those who serve the United States, those who know them, and America in general. Then celebrate Memorial Day your own way, taking time out to remember those who have been lost in service to the USA.

Independence Bunting Presents National Conventions 2016 [Infographic]

Ever wanted to know how the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention work? This infographic contains valuable information about how these national conventions are structured.

Spruce Up Your Political Rally With Patriotic Bunting

November is quickly approaching, and everybody has politics on their mind. Rallies and political events are being held in practically every city across the country. Whether you are running for... read more

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

The following St. Patrick's Day party ideas are separated into categories to help you decide on the right party scenario for your shindig.

How to Decorate with St. Patrick's Day Decorations
With a whole world of St. Patrick's Day decorations to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best way to accessorize your space for the uniquely Irish day.

Flags and Bunting for Every Occasion
Pleated fans, flags and bunting add color and help to create a lively atmosphere.

Where and How to Hang Your Outdoor American Flag
Displaying an outdoor American flag is a fantastic way to express your patriotism.

Evolution of the United States Flag
The United States flag has a long and proud history.

Five July 4th Decorations You Don't Want to Miss
Here's a look at five Independence Bunting products that make splendid July 4th decorations.

Display United States Military Flags to Show Your Support
Whether you're a veteran or a lifelong civilian, displaying United States military flags is one way to show your pride in America's armed forces.

Some Ideas for Memorial Day Decorations
Using Memorial Day Decorations outside of a home, business, school, or place of worship is a time-honored way to remember those who have sacrificed.

How to Hang Pleated Fans from a Window
Pleated Fans are a great way to show your love of country, observe a special day, or just add to the looks of your home.

United States Flag Etiquette: Proper Folding
It's a symbol of all that America stands for, and as such, there is proper United States flag etiquette that should be learned.

Honor Those Who Serve with a September 11th Flag
Some ways to remember 9/11 include displaying police flags, a firefighter flag, or another September 11th flag such as the Stars and Stripes.

Highlights from the History of the United States Flag
The history of the United States flag is filled with exciting highlights that every American should be familiar with.

Here's a Look at the History of Flag Day
It's an important part of what makes America great. So, here's a look at the history of flag day.

Here Are Some Fun 4th of July Facts
History is full of fun 4th of July facts. For example, did you know that Independence Day was almost set for July 2nd instead of the 4th?

Independence Bunting Can Assist with Memorial Decorations
Independence Bunting can help when you need memorial decorations to honor someone who has passed

Here's a Look at the Meaning of Labor Day
The meaning of Labor Day is tied in with the history and accomplishments of American working men and women.

A Look at the History Behind Halloween
The history behind Halloween is fascinating. It covers thousands of years and stretches from Ireland and Scotland to the United States.

Let Independence Bunting Help With Halloween Bows and Bunting
Our Halloween bunting and Halloween bows are perfect for sending a chill down your guests' spines, be they kids or adults.

We Can Help With Your Pleated Fans and Custom Bunting Needs
Custom bunting and pleated fans can add a nice touch to autumn celebrations.

Caring for the United States Flag: Maintenance and Proper Disposal
Owning and displaying a United States flag is a privilege that comes with important responsibilities.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Flags and Bunting From Us
Some folks put away their flags and bunting after Labor Day, thinking that the season to display them is over until the following summer.

Celebrate the Holidays With Christmas Bunting
Independence Bunting offers top-quality Christmas bunting and other items made in the USA.

Celebrate New Year's with Our Decorative Bunting
Our decorative bunting can make your New Year's celebration even more special.

This Year, Observe President's Day With Our Flags and Bunting
Our flags and bunting can make your observance of Presidents Day all the more memorable.

The Story of Saint Patrick's Day and Why You Need St Patrick's Day Decorations
Saint Patrick's Day is a high time of the year for those of Irish descent, and many have come to celebrate with St Patrick's Day decorations.

Fun Facts About Saint Patrick's Day and Irish Decorations
St Patrick's Day is known both as a religious festival and a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Parades and Irish decorations mark the occasion

Interesting Facts About Ireland, St Patrick's Day, and St Patrick's Day Decorating Ideas
While you're getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day and maybe looking for some St Patrick's Day decorating ideas, here are some interesting things to know.

A Look At Our St Patrick's Day Decorations
Independence Bunting has all your St Patrick's Day decorations.

Police and Firefighters' Flags
Independence Bunting also provides nearly a dozen different police flags, firefighter flags, and emergency services flags.

Medal of Honor Awarded
Decades after his heroic efforts, Santiago Erevia received a Medal of Honor

Decorative and Patriotic Bows for the Holidays
Whether you're expressing your patriotism or observing a holiday, decorative bows, patriotic bows, and our other items are a great way to do so.

United States Military Flags to Honor the True Heroes
Perhaps you served our great nation under one of the United States military flags, or maybe you're a civilian who wants to show your appreciation.

Celebrating the 4th of July in a Big Way
America celebrates the 4th of July

Holiday Decor and Traditions
How did some early traditions make their way into our holiday customs? Here are a few of those familiar Christmas traditions explained.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
The United States loves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, typically sporting a healthy dose of green, the celebration of beer drinking, and plenty of other festivities.

American Heroes - Ulysses S. Grant
Independence Bunting features Ulysses S. Grant, an American hero that has impacted either the foundations of our country, society or American culture.

American Heroes - George C Marshall
This month features American hero, George Catlett Marshall. who is held in high esteem for his military service and incredible organizational and problem-solving skills in military command

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
"Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God"