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Columbus Day Flag Bunting & Italian Themed Party Decorations
The Italian Flag was officially adopted on January 21, 1919. The colors of the flag are green, white & red. The green color represents the plains and hills of Italy. The red color stands for the blood of those killed in the Italian Independence wars and the white color represents the snowy Alps.
Independence Bunting provides Italian themed party decorations such as flag bunting and pleated fans. These are the perfect Italian festival and Columbus Day decorations.
Independence Bunting helps to show this love of Italy with these vibrant Italian decorations, available in three sizes. They are made with either a heavy-duty poly-cotton fabric that is ideal for either inside or outdoor use, or 100% nylon material specifically made for outdoor use. Our Columbus Day pleated fans are ideal for decorating your home, office, parades, or large gatherings. Let our Italian festival decorations brighten your event!

The way Italian flag bunting is measured is the 1st number is the drop down and the second number is the top width. For example, a 12" x 24" pleated fan is 24" across the top and drops down 12".

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