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U.S. Mounted Stick Flag

Itís spring, and Memorial Day and the 4th of July are just around the corner. As fellow Americans, weíre as excited as you are about letting everyone know how much we love this land of ours. So, when youíre planning your patriotic or Independence Day decorations, consider our line of economical US stick flags. These US stick flag decorations are a fantastic choice for an American flag or as part of a larger display.
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No-Fray Economical Cotton Stick Flag

4" x 6" no Tip: $.21
8" x 12" no Tip: $.53

12" x 18" no Tip: $.90

4" x 6" with Tip: $.26
8" x 12" with Tip: $.51
12" x 18" with Tip: $.92

Hemmed Stick Flag

4" x 6" Cotton: $.33
8" x 12" Cotton: $.69

12" x 18" Cotton: $1.20

8" x 12" Polyester: $1.05
12" x 18" Polyester: $1.60

4" x 6" Silky: $1.25
8" x 12" Silky: $2.75
12" x 18" Silky: $4.65

Stick Flag Base

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Our unhemmed stick flags are very popular among our customers. They come with these great features:
  • Crafted of quality cotton material.
  • Material will never fray, so hemming isnít needed.
  • Come in three sizes.
  • You can choose between a plain stick or one with a gold spear at the top.
  • Very economically priced.
  • An excellent choice for giveaways and other promotional events.
We also offer hemmed stick flags. They come with their own list of excellent features:
  • Crafted from your choice of three quality materials: cotton, poly, or a special fabric that gives the flag a silky texture.
  • Three sizes are available.
  • They look great as an indoor American flag on a desk, table, or shelf.
  • Attractively priced.
Additionally, we offer tabletop flag bases for our stick flags. Our lowest priced ones are fashioned from black styrene plastic and hold from one to seven flags. We also have wooden bases that hold from one to fifty-one flags. Those are made from your choice of either black or walnut wood. Different bases hold different sized stick flags. Please see our site for full details.

We also have Memorial (Mourning) bunting in purple and black, pleated fans, bows for the 4th of July, and other items perfectly suited to major holidays or for raising awareness about charitable causes. No matter what your patriotic or special occasion needs are, we can help make your display one that youíll always remember and treasure. Feel free to browse our site and contact us with any questions you may ha