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Pull Down Banners

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Our Pull Downs Banners are available for different Holidays and Events. They come in a variety of styles and are made with either a heavy-duty cotton blend, which can be used for hanging indoors or outdoor exposure, or our sturdy 100% nylon fabric, which is made specifically for outdoor use. The nylon fabric is resistant to UV fading, so it will stay vibrant even with repeated outdoor exposure. Our pull downs have double stitched and hemmed sewn stripes, they are not just printed.

Pull Downs are sold by the piece and have a reinforced header stitched on top & bottom for a clean and strong finish. Each piece has 2 grommets on the top header to hang and 2 grommets on the bottom header to hold in place. Pull Down Banners are available in 18" x 8 feet, 18" x 10' & 18" x 12'.

If you would like Custom Pull Downs with your own color selection, sizes, & amount of stripes we can customize anything you need. We can also embroider your logo, messages or anything else on the Pull Downs.