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Residential Flag Pole Sets
Our residential Flag pole sets come complete with a 3' x 5' United States flag, 6' pole, pole ornament, bracket and screws, and flag mountings. Nothing more is needed to quickly add a beautiful American Flag to your home or business.

Flag Poles
For those who already have flags and just need flag pole mounting sets, we have a variety to choose from. They range from the inexpensive to the better quality. The 3 ft x 5 ft flag is recommended for these flag pole sets.

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Outdoor Flag Pole Sets 6' US Outdoor Mounting Set

Economy: $ 8.00
Standard: $13.50
Deluxe:    $15.00

United States Outdoor Flag Set 6' United States Outdoor Flag Sets

Economy Poly-Cotton Set: $16.00
Standard Poly-Cotton Set: $20.00
Economy Nylon Set: $30.00
Standard Nylon Set: $35.00

Anti-Furl Flagpole 6' Anti-Furl Rotating Pole

Silver: $20.00
White: $21.00
Wood Grain: $22.00

Tear Drop flag banners Tear Drop Flag Pole Mount

In-Ground Mount: $32.00
Surface Mount: $60.00

Regal Flag Pole Set 6' Regal Mounting Set

3/4" Black: $53.00
3/4" White: $53.00
1" Black:    $64.00
1" White:    $64.00

Regal Flag Set 6' Regal Flag Set

3/4" White Pole: $80.00
3/4" Black Pole: $80.00
1" White Pole:   $92.00
1" Black Pole:   $92.00

Outdoor Flag Pole Sets 10' Homesteader Flag Poles

Outrigger w/30 degree bracket: $182.00
Outrigger w/45 degree bracket: $178.50
Vertical wall Mount: $160.00

Freedom Flag Set Freedom Flag Set

Freedom Flag Set: $185.50

The U.S. Outdoor Flag sets are the most economic way to show our country's colors. They have 3 choices of flag material; polyster, poly-cotton and nylon.
Regal Flag sets are a step above the U.S. Flag sets in regards to the mounting hardware. They have a 1 piece fiberglass pole, neverfurl flag unfurlers, solid brass ornament, and solid brass mounting bracket and includes a 3' x 5' United States nylon flag.