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Where to find American Flag for Sale

Expressing your love for your country can never go wrong by displaying an American flag. We, at Independence Bunting, dedicate a shop full of patriotic decorations, flags, and other holiday decorations. We have an American flag for sale and other holiday buntings to show your patriotism. We also make custom bunting, pleated fans, pull down banners, bows, and many more.

The American Flag
The flag of the United States of America consists of thirteen horizontal stripes of red and white, with a blue rectangle that has fifty white stars. The 50 stars represent the fifty states in the United States, while the thirteen stripes represent the thirteen British colonies. These 13 British colonies declared the Independence Day of the United States from Great Britain. The American flag has nicknames of Stars and Stripes, Star - Spangled Banner, and Old Glory.

What is a Bunting?
A bunting is a fabric of worsted or cotton made for flags and other decorations. It is a decoration that shows a patriotic and festive feel. It is in the color of the national flag and usually made as wide streamers, draperies, decors and many more.

Buntings also take a typical form of colorful triangular flags in strings and fabric lengths in the national flag color gathered together to form a drape or pleated to form a fan shape.

Bunting originally was a specific lightweight worsted wool fabric known as fabric tammy that was manufactured around the 17th century. This fabric is generally used for making flags, ribbons, and signal flags for military troops and the Royal Navy. The fabric’s high glaze is made possible by certain processes that include hot-pressing and thus made it perfect for flags and ribbons.

The term bunting is often referred to as a collection of the same or different flags. When there’s a need to raise a flag while on a ship to signal something, the person raising the flag is called bunts. The term bunts are still used today as a form of communications through the ship’s officer.

Flags and buntings have many uses, not just for holiday celebrations and patriotism. At the Independence Bunting store, you can find different types of flags, American flag for sale, and buntings that you can use for whatever purpose you need to. Contact us now, we offer custom made bunting just for you.

The United States Flag is a source of pride for all patriotic Americans. Here at Independence Bunting, we only sell flags that meet our exacting standards for quality, which include:
  • Made right here in the USA
  • Sewn stripes and embroidered stars
  • Colors that stay bright far longer than our competitors’
  • Quality fabrics that resist fading and stand up to tough winds
  • Excellent pricing – Flags start at twenty-five cents; no matter what your budget is, we have a United States flag to meet your needs.
  • Banner-style flags with simple pole sleeves and leather tabs are available.

You have a wide choice of materials, including:
  • Polyester – Very affordably priced, these flags fly even in very slight breezes.
  • Poly-cotton – With a blend of these two materials, you get the look and feel of cotton in a durable, lightweight flag.
  • Mercerized cotton – This is the time-honored fabric that bunting flags are crafted from. They’re exceptionally strong, due to their rugged weave, and fight the effects of fading and color run.
  • 200 Denier 100% Nylon – This is a great choice for those who want a quality fabric that’s light enough to fly in modest winds.
  • 2-ply Poly – If you live in an area with heavy winds or severe weather, then this is the material for you. Ultra-tough, it shrugs off the worst that the elements can throw at it and keeps flying proudly.
With Independence Bunting, you’ll also enjoy a wide range of sizes to choose from. Our outdoor flags range from 2’ x 3’ all the way up to a gigantic 50' x 80’! You’ll also find a great variety of accessories such as poles, stands, etc. Browse our site and see what we offer.

Along with high-quality American flags, we also carry American Flag Bunting, Bows, Pull Downs Banners and Patriotic Bunting. While it is fitting to display the American flag every day, you can also choose to bring out Old Glory on special days of the year , such as Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day.

Select a patriotic bunting motif in the size that best suits your project. These all-American decorating ideas can be used to show your support for your country. Whether you're decorating for a holiday party or plan to transform your home with red, white and blue decorating banners, Independence Bunting offers the decorating items you need at affordable prices. From pleated flag bunting to Christmas bows, we can help you decorate for any event or theme.