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Christmas Flag Bunting
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Christmas Bunting Flags

Our Christmas Pleated Fans are one of the several types of decorations we have that are used at Christmastime. We offer them in the traditional colors of Christmas, which are pine green(evergreen) and heart red.

Christmas Flag Bunting is made with either a heavy weight cotton blend, which is much sturdier than the industry standard; or for outdoor use we suggest using the 100% Solar-Max nylon, which is available in the 24" x 48" & 36" x 72" sizes.

These Christmas Bunting Flags are available in 4 sizes, ranging from 12" x 24" to 36" x 72", and 4 different style variations:
  • 3 Stripe Green/Red/Green
  • 3 Stripe Red/Green/Red
  • 5 Stripe Green/Red/Green/Red/Green
  • 5 Stripe Red/Green/Red/Green/Red
You will have no problem selecting just the right Green & Red Christmas Fan Decorations for your home to help it look beautiful for the Holidays.

Along with our Christmas pleated fans, browse our selection of Christmas Bows, Christmas Pull Down Banners and Christmas Bunting. Putting everything together will make your home or business extra special.

The most frequently asked question about pleated fans is; How are they measured? It is very simple. A pleated fan has a top width and a length from the top middle to the bottom middle. For example, If the pleated fan says 18" x 36", The 18" number is the drop down length from the top middle to the bottom middle. The 36" number means the width along the top.