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Gay Pride Pleated Fan
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Nylon Pleated Fan - Rainbow - 24" x 48" Nylon Pleated Fan - Rainbow -<br>36" x 72"
LGBTQ Rainbow Flag Bunting

LGBT, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, has become a community that tries to show there is a range of sexual preferences and gender identities. This term, in use since the 1990's, has only recently become mainstream. Their acceptance by the majority of Americans have resulted in newly enacted laws that protect their rights.

The Rainbow Flag has become the de facto symbol of this community and as such, Independence Bunting is proud to offer our Rainbow Pleated Fans.

Our LGBT Flag Bunting is fully sewn with 100% DuPont Solar Max Nylon and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The colors will not run and the nylon is made with UV protection from the sun.