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St. Patrick's Day Flag Bunting
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St. Patrick's Day Flag Bunting

Independence Bunting's St. Patrick's Day flag buntings are the perfect way to spruce up any St. Patrick's Day party or festival. Our St. Patrick's Day and Irish decorations come in four styles, all sporting the colors of the Irish Flag.
  • 3 stripes and 2 colors - Green/White/Green
  • 5 stripes and 2 colors - Green/White/Green/White/Green
  • 3 stripes and 3 colors - Green/White/Orange
  • 5 stripes and 3 colors - Green/White/Orange/White/Green

Each St. Patrick's Day pleated fan comes in 4 sizes, allowing you to fully customize your Irish decoration. Whether you are looking to fit these festive green and orange flags into a large or small space, we've got the pleated fan for you.

Our pleated fans are fully stitched, not printed, and are available in either a heavy weight cotton blend for unlimited indoor use or 100% Solarmax nylon for extended outdoor use. Independence Bunting makes their pleated fans with actual heat set pleats so after use, they can be folded back into their original pleats for the next time, without any wrinkling or ironing.

Using St. Patrick's Day flag bunting along with our other Irish decorations, such as St. Patrick's Day bunting and Pull Downs allows you to flaunt your Irish pride anywhere you want!